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Who Is Colonel Reginald Myers, USMC Retired...


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Colonel Reginald Myers, USMC Retired, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor while serving as Executive Officer, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, in the vicinity of HAGARU-RI, KOREA, November 29, 1950, while commanding a group of 80 men who were stragglers and missing from other units. Major Myers’ makeshift unit successfully denied the Chinese Communists the possession of EAST HILL, which dominated the key crossroads in the withdrawal—attack in another direction—by US Marines and Army units from the CHOSIN RESERVOIR.

When Major Myers unit was relieved by another they had killed six hundred enemy troops and wounded another five hundred the “old fashioned way:” BOOTS ON THE FROZEN GROUND! Major Myers was wounded in action some months later and evacuated from the theater of war. He retired as a Colonel, USMC, and lives in Florida. Indicative of the ferocity of combat conditions, the commanding officer of the unit that relieved Major Myers was also awarded the MOH after finally securing EAST HILL: Captain Carl Sitter, USMC. Captain Sitter retired as a Colonel and became a lay minister in his church. He died April 4, 2000, in Richmond, Virginia.


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