March 28, 2005

Veterans, members and friends—

Minutes. . . elections. . . convention. . . quarrels. . . new units. . . new members. . . Federal charter. . . budget. . . Graybeards. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some people time may seem to creep by; I can assure you that when you are in charge of this organization with so many clamoring almost all the time for information, you find preparing these updates coming entirely too soon.

The National Convention

The National Convention will be in Bossier City, Louisiana, October 2-5, 2005. The first two registrations for the Convention came from two of our Members holding the MEDAL OF HONOR.  Steve dePyssler, Retired Activities Office, Barksdale Air Force Base, will be sending promotional materials to each Chapter in the next week. The March-April Graybeards will contain some information, and the May-June issue will have all the information and a registration form. In addition, the website will have the registration form available next week. You can print it and mail it in.

Special Committee on Recruiting

Up in New England Jeff Brodeur has signed up over two dozen new members in the last two or three weeks. As he was reporting this success at Reno, Director Jim Ferris introduced the motion to have a Special Committee on Recruiting. The President was directed to appoint the Committee and I want to do so within the next two weeks. Anyone who wants to be considered for appointment should contact me by email or telephone as quickly as possible.

The Executive Council

There was an overall new spirit of cooperation as we completed our meeting in Reno. Many meaningful tasks were accomplished and future improvements set in place, as you will see in the Official Minutes when we finish preparing them for publication. I want to express my appreciation to each member in attendance - as well as the staff which also contributed to the success.

Director Harley Coon, Former President, resigned for reasons of health. We wish him well in solving some health problems.

The Election

I have seen considerable interest in the nominations which will be announced in the next Graybeards (around April 15th), which will also include the ballots for voting for four (4) of the nominees.  Some candidates are already “campaigning” and I wish them well.

Note: No member should use the KWVA website, Graybeards, or individual officers, directors, or appointees to publicly support any candidate. That would be inappropriate and ethically suspect. All candidates will be afforded equal administrative support from the National office.

The nominees were approved in open session at the Reno Executive council Meeting, and I am happy to announce their names at this time (in alphabetical order):

  • Robert S Banker, R028382
  • Jeffery J Brodeur, LR35528
  • Donald M Byers, LR03658
  • John G Edwards, LR08658
  • Robert F Fitts, LR25998
  • William F MacSwain, LR26546
  • Robert J Simon, LR19434
  • Warren H Wiedhahn, LR06555
  • Christ Yanacos, LR11094

In this election there are really five Director positions being voted for: the four regular vacancies for three year terms plus a two year completion term for a Director position presently vacant. The candidate in the election earning fifth place will fill the two year vacancy. While I am wishing all of these candidates good luck, I am more concerned that our members vote in large numbers showing their support of the Association.

Thanks to Dick Adams and Dick Wainwright and the Nominating Committee for their work in developing the slate of candidates for the coming election of Directors.

Sometime in the next few weeks I will be giving a Progress Report of this first year, which will enable all of us to measure, reflect, and set future goals.

The KWVA Calendar

Ads concerning the 2006 KWVA Calendar will begin appearing in the next Graybeards and on this website. A members committee headed by Marty O’Brien provided input and copy to the firm that asked to publish and market the calendar. Check with Marty for further details. The KWVA will receive a royalty on each sale. More important, I believe, is the high quality of the calendar. You will admire it. Watch for the ads because you will not receive personal mailings on this project.

Greetings from IFKWVA

As I was completing the posting this update I received a telephone call from The Honorable KAP-Chong Chi, OBE, the Chairman of the UN Korean War Allies Association, and Special Advisor to the International Federation of Korean War Veterans Associations. He asked that I greet all of our members for the Korean Veterans Association.  Mr. Chi was a war correspondent in the first three years of the on-going Korea War and later a member of the National Assembly.


  • The Department of Virginia meets in Staunton, Virginia, April 1.
  • The Department of Texas meets in Arlington, Texas, April 2.
  • Jeff Brodeur and the KVA meet in Massachusetts on April 2.  Jeff expects several more additions to the KWVA to result.  His Chapter 299 will be introducing the optional KWVA patch at the event... Anyone who wants to purchase one should contact Jeff at 617.523.1441 or
  • The Department of New York meets at Turning Stone Casino Resort, New York, May 11-12.
  • The Department of Florida meets at Mandarin Ramada Inn, Jacksonville, Florida, May 13-14.
  • The Department of Illinois meets in Peoria, Illinois, June 10-11.
  • As you know, I am committed to ALL veterans of ALL wars.  Especially that means the Korea Veteran, 1950 until today. There are several organizations of Korea Veterans with whom I deal, and one of them is the DMZ Vets led by David Benbow.  We have been requested to announce that the DMZ Reunion which is usually held in Statesville, NC, will be held in Pendleton, Oregon August 5-7, 2005 at Wildhorse Casino Resort. They will be providing details later, and I am sure that you can obtain additional details via email (  We wish them well and invite them to the KWVA Convention, October 2-5 in Bossier City/Shreveport, LA.

Be seeing you in The Graybeards, on the road, or on this website.