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Updated 4/20/2005

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On April 3, Veterans Radio (WAAM - Ann Arbor, Michigan - www.veteransradio.net) presented the second in a continuing series of talk radio shows covering the Korean War.

The subject was Father Emil Kapaun, chaplain of the 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, in Korea in 1950.

Father Kapaun was captured in Unsan County, North Korea, on November 2, 1950 and died on May 23, 1951, in Camp #5 on the Yalu River.

Featured on the program was the Reverend John Hotze of the Archdiocese of Wichita, Kansas, Father Kapaun's diocese before he became a military chaplain.

Rev. Hotze presented background information about the pending nomination of Fr. Kapaun for sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

The nomination is largely based on Fr. Kapaun's heroic actions on behalf of his fellow prisoners while in captivity.

According to testimony of those who knew him, Fr. Kapaun went all out for God and his fellow POW and forgot himself completely.

Just before Rev. Hotze's presentation, Lt. Col. William Latham, US Army, a professor at West Point, skillfully presented the timeline for the political and military background leading up to the intervention of the Chinese Communist Forces in Korea in late 1950 and Fr. Kapaun's capture.

Ray M. "Mike" Dowe, Jr., who was in Camp #5 with Fr. Kapaun picked up on the story and spoke about Fr. Kapaun's love for his fellow prisoners and the love that they returned to him.

First Lieutenant Dowe was a member of the 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Regiment at the time.
A graduate of West Point's Class of 1950, Mike was captured on November 4 by the Chinese and spent 34 months in prison.

Veterans Radio did an excellent job in putting together the April 3 program; it was well done in both content and style and was deferentially broadcast.

All of the credit goes to Al Makkay of the Cape & Islands Chapter, Cape Cod, Mass., and Bob Gould of Veterans Radio for their wonderful collaborative efforts to get this show on the air.

For upcoming shows on Korean War topics, tap into www.veteransradio.net or call 888.477.9100.

Also look for updates here.

Meanwhile, Al Makkay and others continue their work toward Fr. Kapaun's sainthood and to upgrade his Distinguished Service Cross to the Medal of Honor.

On March 7, 2005, Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, Archbishop for the Military Services, USA, Washington, DC, sent a letter to the Army's Senior Decorations Board at the Pentagon recommending that Fr. Kapaun be awarded the MOH.

Update... 4/20/2005

On April 19, we received information from Ardena Schienbein of US Representative Todd Tiahrt's office, Kansas, that their request for the award of the MOH to Father Kapaun currently is at the Center for Military History. Rep. Tiahrt submitted the request several months ago. CMH is doing additional research and then offer an opinion to the Department of the Army and the Senior Army Decorations Board will then conclude the final paperwork and render a decision.

Rep. Tiahrt welcomes any information that would enhance this effort, but time is of the essence. If you can help in any way, please contact: Ardena Schienbein, Rep. Todd Tiahrt's Office, 155 N. Market, Suite 400, Wichita, Kansas 67207.
Telephone: 316-262-8992  FAX: 316-262-5309

We will post more information soon on other recommendations.



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