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Father Philip Crosbie Given
"Promotion to Glory" on Tue. Mar. 22, 2005 at age 89


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I received this notice today from Wilbert (Shorty) Estabrook, Houlton, Maine, Co B, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, who was in the infamous Death March in North Korea in the winter of 1950.

Quick research shows that Father Philip Crosbie was an Australian Catholic missionary. His book is based on a diary he wrote while a prisoner. The Hawthorn Press Melbourne, 1954 First edition of "Pencilling Prisoner."

Larry Zellers was a Methodist missionary. He also wrote a book on his prisoner experience named "In Enemy Hands," University Press of Kentucky, 1991.


Dear Tigers, Next of Kin, Honorary Tigers and Friends:

Larry Zellers informed me today of the Promotion to Glory of Father Philip Crosbie (Bing) in his native Australia on Tuesday, 22 March 2005 at age 89.

Father Crosbie was with the group of Civilian Internees that were held with the Tiger Survivors in Korea. He was arrested on 6 July 1950 and was interrogated by the Tiger a few days later in a local jail.

Father Crosbie was held under house arrest by the Japanese Army when the Second World War began and was soon deported to Australia. He returned to Korea and his parish soon after the war.

Father Crosbie wrote a book that came out in three different titles, "March Till They Die,"
"Three Winters Cold," and "Pencilling Prisoner." It is a most accurate account of what happened to our group.

Even with the cold climate in Korea and the many many years that he served there Father Crosbie had a long life and was a dear friend to us all. He had a quick wit about him and suffered long and hard as a Civilian Internee Tiger Survivor.

So we think of you now Father Crosbie, Catholics and Protestant and Muslim alike. We miss you so very much.

Love to All,
Shorty Estabrook
Tiger Survivors

The following information from Shorty's website at http://www.tigersurvivors.org/

Tiger Survivors is a veterans group of American soldiers, one British Marine and 79 multi-national civilians who were held prisoners by the Communists in North Korea for 38 or more months from 29 June 1950 through 1 April 1954. The name Tiger Survivors is taken from the cruel and murdering North Korean Major who was in charge of the group from late October 1950 through Spring 1951. A madman who enjoyed killing, "The Tiger" murdered his first victim, First Lieutenant Cordus H. Thornton, on 1 November 1950, the first day of the Tiger Death March. Major John Dunn, Headquarters Company, 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, was the ranking officer. He retired a Colonel.

Sixty-five percent of the group died in captivity from a variety of causes. Many were shot or beaten to death, but the majority died because of exposure and untreated respiratory infections. Out of nearly 850 who were captured, only 165 are alive today. Hopefully, many of these will contribute their stories to the Tiger Survivors web site.

It is acknowledged that the Tiger Survivors group is small when compared to the total number of prisoners of war held by the Communists. There was much suffering and death in all the camps and all those who were prisoners are our brothers.

Veterans group headed by:
Wilbert R. "Shorty" Estabrook
(Founding father - Tiger Survivors)
23816 Matador Wway
Murrieta, CA 92562
(909) 600-7222
Email: tigersurvivors@comcast.net


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