Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.

Korean War and Korea Defense Veterans... A Continuity of Service in the Defense of Freedom
Incorporated June 14, 1985… Chartered by Congress June 30, 2008


KWVA Department and Chapter Information
Listed by Chapter ID Number (CID)


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CID Department/Chapter Name State Status
DAL Department of Alabama Alabama (Inactive)
DAZ Department of Arizona Arizona (Pending)
DCA Department of California California (Inactive)
DDE Department of Delaware Delaware (Active-NA)
DFL Department of Florida Florida (Active)
DIL Department of Illinois Illinois (Active)
DIN Department of Indiana Indiana (Dissolved)
DMD Department of Maryland Maryland (Dissolved)
DMO Department of Missouri Missouri (Active)
DNJ Department of New Jersey New Jersey (Active)
DNY Department of New York New York (Active)
DOH Department of Ohio Ohio (Active)
DOR Department of Oregon Oregon (Dissolved)
DRI Department of Rhode Island Rhode Island (Forming)
DSC Department of South Carolina South Carolina (Dissolved)
DTX Department of Texas Texas (Active)
DVA Department of Virginia Virginia (Inactive)
DWV Department of West Virginia West Virginia (Inactive)
1 Gulf Coast Alabama (Active-NA)
2 Northwest Alabama II Alabama (Active)
3 Korean War Veterans Assoc. of Arizona, Inc. Arizona (Dissolved)
4 Edward W. Rhoads Arizona (Inactive)
5 Northern California #1 California (Active)
6 Santa Clara County California (Inactive)
7 Sonora Tuolumne County California (Inactive)
8 Southern Colorado Colorado (Not Activated)
9 Dutch Nelsen Colorado (Active)
10 Connecticut #1 Connecticut (Inactive)
11 Greater Danbury Area Connecticut (Active)
12 CPT Paul Dill #2 Delaware (Dissolved)
13 Bill Carr #1 Delaware (Dissolved)
14 Suncoast Florida (Dissolved)
15 Eddie Lyon Florida (Dissolved)
16 COL Alice Gritsavage Florida (Inactive)
17 LT Richard E. Cronan Florida (Active)
18 No Name Unassigned (Not Activated)
19 GEN Raymond G. Davis Georgia (Active)
20 Hawaii #1 Hawaii (Active)
21 Robert Wurtsbaugh Illinois (Dissolved)
22 Charles L. Gilliland Arkansas (Dissolved)
23 South Suburban Illinois (Active)
24 Charles Parlier Illinois (Dissolved)
25 Greater Chicago Illinois (Active)
26 Lester Hammond CMH Illinois (Dissolved)
27 Sangamon County Illinois (Dissolved)
28 Indiana #2 Indiana (Inactive)
29 SSGT William E. Windrich #3 Indiana (Inactive)
30 Indiana #1 Indiana (Active)
31 Louisiana Louisiana (Not Activated)
32 Burton-Goode-Sargent #1 Maine (Active-NA)
33 Maryland Maryland (Dissolved)
34 CPL Alfred Lopes, Jr./Lt. Ronald R. Ferris Massachusetts (Active)
35 Rudolph H. DeSilva Memorial Massachusetts (Inactive)
36 Central Massachusetts Massachusetts (Inactive)
37 PFC Joseph R. Ouellette M.O.H. Massachusetts (Active-NA)
38 Northwest Michigan Michigan (Inactive)
39 Mid-Michigan Michigan (Dissolved)
40 Minnesota #1 Minnesota (Active-NA)
41 Frozen Chosin Minnesota (Dissolved)
42 Lee County Mississippi (Dissolved)
43 Kansas City Missouri #2 Missouri (Dissolved)
44 Missouri #1 Missouri (Active)
45 Sierra Nevada Nevada (Inactive)
46 Osan New Jersey (Inactive)
47 Kauai Hawaii (Inactive)
48 Chorwon New Jersey (Dissolved)
49 Ocean County New Jersey (Inactive)
50 ROK New Jersey (Inactive)
51 Richland County Ohio (Active)
52 Hong Song New Jersey (Inactive)
53 Union County New Jersey (Inactive)
54 Thomas W. Daley, Jr. New Jersey (Active-NA)
55 Nassau County #1 New York (Dissolved)
56 Ventura County California (Active-NA)
57 38th Parallel New York (Inactive)
58 Monroe County New York (Active-NA)
59 Northeast New York (Dissolved)
60 Adirondack New York (Dissolved)
61 Empire New York (Inactive)
62 Linn-Benton Oregon (Dissolved)
63 Western New York New York (Dissolved)
64 Central Long Island New York (Active)
65 Eastern Long Island New York (Active-NA)
66 CPL Allan F. Kivlehan New York (Active)
67 Finger Lakes #1 New York (Dissolved)
68 North Dakota #1 North Dakota (Inactive)
69 Greater Cleveland Ohio (Inactive)
70 Ohio Valley Ohio (Active)
71 Western Ohio - Lake Erie Ohio (Active)
72 Oregon Trail Oregon (Active)
73 CPL William McAllister (MIA #1509) Pennsylvania (Inactive)
74 KWVA of WPA - GEN Matthew B. Ridgway Pennsylvania (Active-NA)
75 PFC Stanley A. Gogoj #38 Pennsylvania (Dissolved)
76 Texas Lone Star Texas (Active)
77 Badger State Wisconsin (Inactive)
78 Jefferson County Missouri (Dissolved)
79 CPL Clair Goodblood (MOH) Maine (Dissolved)
80 Porterville California (Inactive)
81 Buckeye Ohio (Dissolved)
82 Hiroshi "Hershey" Miyamura (MOH) New Mexico (Active)
83 No Name Unassigned (Not Activated)
84 Iron Triangle Oregon (Dissolved)
85 No Name Unassigned (Not Activated)
86 Nashville Tennessee (Active-NA)
87 Middlesex County New Jersey (Inactive)
88 Korean Veterans Memorial Ohio (Inactive)
89 Oklahoma Oklahoma (Inactive)
90 Eagle (Rockland Co.) New York (Dissolved)
91 Westchester-Putnam County New York (Active-NA)
92 Richard D. Hutchinson Delaware (Dissolved)
93 Greater Knoxville Area KWVA Tennessee (Active-NA)
94 Hudson County New Jersey (Inactive)
95 Imjin Illinois (Inactive)
96 North St. Louis County #4 Missouri (Active)
97 Inchon New Jersey (Inactive)
98 East Bay/Peninsula California (Inactive)
99 Tall Corn Iowa (Active)
100 Northern Virginia Virginia (Active-NA)
101 No Name Alabama (Not Activated)
102 Imperial Valley California (Active-NA)
103 No Name Ohio (Not Activated)
104 Middlesex County New Jersey (Changed)
105 Central New York New York (Active-NA)
106 Treasure Coast Florida (Active)
107 James P. Dickel Maryland (Dissolved)
108 Western Ohio Ohio (Dissolved)
109 Northeastern Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Dissolved)
110 Miami-Dade Florida (Active-NA)
111 CPL Richard A. Bell Wisconsin (Active)
112 Lake Erie Ohio (Active)
113 Thousand Islands New York (Inactive)
114 Yongdung Po Pennsylvania (Active-NA)
115 Johnnie Johnson Ohio (Inactive)
116 Central Ohio Ohio (Inactive)
117 Ocean State #1 Rhode Island (Active-NA)
118 George Washington District of Columbia (Not Activated)
119 Fort Washington Missouri (Not Activated)
120 Ohio River Ohio (Inactive)
121 Greater Cincinnati Ohio (Active)
122 Arden A. Rowley Arizona (Dissolved)
123 Capital City Florida (Inactive)
124 Osceola County Florida (Inactive)
125 Greene County Ohio (Dissolved)
126 Tri-State Ohio (Dissolved)
127 Newport Ohio (Not Activated)
128 Frank Davile Virginia (Dissolved)
129 Southeastern Indiana #4 Indiana (Active)
130 Cape May County #1 New Jersey (Inactive)
131 Northwest Ohio Ohio (Active)
132 Richard  Countryman Arizona (Active-NA)
133 The Quiet Warriors Indiana (Active)
134 Memphis Tennessee (Inactive)
135 Harry S. Truman Missouri (Inactive)
136 Marion Ohio Ohio (Active-NA)
137 Mahoning Valley Ohio (Active)
138 Akron Regional Ohio (Active)
139 C. H. Dodd Kentucky (Inactive)
140 Romelle New York (Not Activated)
141 Cape & Islands #1 Massachusetts (Active)
142 COL William E. Weber Maryland (Dissolved)
143 Greater Richmond Virginia (Dissolved)
144 Aloha Hawaii (Inactive)
145 Tennessee Valley Alabama (Inactive)
146 Mountaineer West Virginia (Active-NA)
147 West Bay Rhode Island #2 Rhode Island (Dissolved)
148 Central Jersey New Jersey (Active)
149 Fredericksburg Virginia (Not Activated)
150 Northwest Illinois Illinois (Dissolved)
151 Hocking Valley Ohio (Dissolved)
152 Chosen Few New Jersey (Not Activated)
153 Central Florida Florida (Dissolved)
154 No Chapters in Idaho Idaho (Not Activated)
155 Florida Gulf Coast Florida (Active)
156 Kenneth Shadrick West Virginia (Dissolved)
157 No Chapters in Montana Montana (Not Activated)
158 William R. Charette (MOH) Florida (Dissolved)
159 Sunshine State Florida (Active)
160 West River South Dakota (Inactive)
161 New River Valley Virginia (Inactive)
162 Cohoton County Ohio (Not Activated)
163 Fairmont West Virginia (Dissolved)
164 Dale H. Williams Post #1996 Michigan (Inactive)
165 El Centro California (Inactive)
166 No Name Unassigned (Not Activated)
167 No Chapters in Utah Utah (Not Activated)
168 Quad Cities Illinois (Active)
169 KWVA of Lake County Florida (Active)
170 Taejon New Jersey (Active-NA)
171 Brooklyn New York (Dissolved)
172 Hancock County Ohio (Active)
173 Mid-Florida Florida (Active)
174 Nature Coast Florida (Dissolved)
175 LT Baldomero Lopez (MOH) Florida (Dissolved)
176 Redwood California (Active-NA)
177 Eastern Oklahoma Oklahoma (Active)
178 York County Pennsylvania (Dissolved)
179 San Diego California (Inactive)
180 CENLA [Central Louisiana] Louisiana (Dissolved)
181 Kansas #1 Kansas (Dissolved)
182 Coshocton Ohio (Active)
183 Nebraska #1 Nebraska (Active)
184 Richard Barkley California (Inactive)
185 Low Country of SC #1 South Carolina (Inactive)
186 St. Charles County Missouri (Active)
187 Western Massachusetts 2000 Massachusetts (Inactive)
188 South Lake County Florida (Dissolved)
189 Central Florida East Coast Florida (Active-NA)
190 Elk River West Virginia (Inactive)
191 Tidewater Virginia (Active)
192 Citrus County Hank Butler Florida (Active)
193 Sioux City Iowa (Not Activated)
194 MGEN Lloyd R. Moses South Dakota (Active-NA)
195 Queen City Colorado (Inactive)
196 Walla Walla Washington (Not Activated)
197 Fort Pierce Florida (Not Activated)
198 Northern Nevada Nevada (Active)
199 Manasota Florida (Active)
200 North East Florida Florida (Active)
201 Cheyenne Wyoming (Not Activated)
202 Orange County New York (Inactive)
203 War Dogs California (Active)
204 Greater New Haven Area - Memorial Connecticut (Inactive)
205 Crossroads Louisiana (Dissolved)
206 Keysville Virginia (Not Activated)
207 Warren New Jersey (Not Activated)
208 Putnam County New York (Inactive)
209 Laredo KWVA 1950 Texas (Inactive)
210 Brevard County Florida (Dissolved)
211 Charles N. Bikakis California (Active-NA)
212 Montrose New York (Not Activated)
213 Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. [MOH] New Jersey (Active-NA)
214 Oklahoma City Oklahoma (Inactive)
215 GEN Walton H. Walker Texas (Active)
216 M*A*S*H* 4099 New Jersey (Inactive)
217 Waterford Michigan (Not Activated)
218 Sun City Florida (Not Activated)
219 Central Kentucky Kentucky (Dissolved)
220 Sacramento California (Inactive)
221 Twin Cities Texas (Dissolved)
222 Don C. Faith (MOH) Texas (Active)
223 Victoria Texas (Active-NA)
224 Port Townsend Washington (Not Activated)
225 Greater Naples Florida (Not Activated)
226 Nashua New Hampshire (Inactive)
227 Southeastern Wisconsin Wisconsin (Active-NA)
228 Edwards Missouri (Not Activated)
229 Paducah Kentucky (Not Activated)
230 Baton Rouge Louisiana (Dissolved)
231 Big Island Hawaii (Active-NA)
232 Shreveport Louisiana (Not Activated)
233 Lebanon Pennsylvania (Not Activated)
234 KWVA of Atlantic County, NJ New Jersey (Inactive)
235 Santa Barbara California (Dissolved)
236 Tri-City Nevada (Not Activated)
237 Cookeville Kentucky (Not Activated)
238 Glenview Illinois (Not Activated)
239 Skinner - Grogan New York (Dissolved)
240 Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania (Not Activated)
241 Russellville Arkansas (Not Activated)
242 Weston West Virginia (Not Activated)
243 Peoria Illinois (Active-NA)
244 Golden Corner South Carolina (Dissolved)
245 South Central Wisconsin Wisconsin (Dissolved)
246 Ozark Mountain Region #8 Missouri (Dissolved)
247 Columbia Missouri (Inactive)
248 St. Joseph Missouri (Not Activated)
249 COL Joseph C. Rodriguez (MOH) Texas (Active)
250 Charles B. Thacker Virginia (Active-NA)
251 Saginaw-Frankenmuth Michigan (Active)
252 Marshaltown Iowa (Not Activated)
253 Des Moines Iowa (Not Activated)
254 Fairmont Minnesota (Inactive)
255 SGT Harold F. Adkison Georgia (Dissolved)
256 Norville B. Finney Michigan (Dissolved)
257 Rogue Valley Oregon (Dissolved)
258 Northern Rhode Island Rhode Island (Active-NA)
259 Central Indiana Indiana (Dissolved)
260 Las Cruces New Mexico (Not Activated)
261 Sun Lakes Arizona (Not Activated)
262 Parkersburg West Virginia (Inactive)
263 Metro-Montgomery Alabama (Dissolved)
264 Mt. Diablo California (Active)
265 Charlotte North Carolina (Inactive)
266 North Bend/Coos Bay Oregon (Inactive)
267 GEN James A. Van Fleet Florida (Active)
268 Sarasota/Charlotte County Florida (Not Activated)
269 Delmarva Maryland (Not Activated)
270 Sam Johnson Texas (Dissolved)
271 Aberdeen Maryland (Dissolved)
272 Greater Rockford Illinois (Dissolved)
273 Westfield Vermont (Not Activated)
274 Mendo-Lake-Sonoma California (Inactive)
275 West Central Wisconsin Wisconsin (Dissolved)
276 Elmira Heights New York (Not Activated)
277 Mid-Coast Maine Maine (Inactive)
278 Gene A. Sturgeon Memorial Indiana (Inactive)
279 West Hawaii Hawaii (Active-NA)
280 William J. Fantozzi Ohio (Dissolved)
281 Rolla #9 Missouri (Active)
282 Maui No Ka Oi Hawaii (Active)
283 Columbia County New York (Active-NA)
284 St. Lawrence County New York (Dissolved)
285 Euclid Ohio (Not Activated)
286 East Texas Texas (Dissolved)
287 Tri-Valley California (Inactive)
288 SSGT Archie Van Winkle Memorial Alaska (Active)
289 Mountain Empire Tennessee (Active)
290 Denver Colorado (Not Activated)
291 No Name Alabama (Inactive)
292 Crown of Maine Maine (Inactive)
293 West Florida Florida (Inactive)
294 Greater Haverhill Massachusetts (Active-NA)
295 West Valley Arizona (Inactive)
296 Cayuga County New York (Active-NA)
297 Plateau Tennessee (Active)
298 Alamo Texas (Active)
299 Korea Veterans of America Massachusetts (Active)
300 Korean War Veterans of Massachusetts Massachusetts (Inactive)
301 Foothills South Carolina (Active)
302 Pineywoods Texas (Inactive)
303 Palmetto South Carolina (Active)
304 Bobo McCraw South Carolina (Active-NA)
305 Carson City Nevada (Active-NA)
306 West Michigan Michigan (Active)
307 Northern Wyoming Wyoming (Active)
308 Anderson Tri-County Indiana (Inactive)
309 Jackie L. Murdock Indiana (Inactive)
310 Olympic Peninsula Washington (Active-NA)
311 H. Edward Reeves Arizona (Active)
312 Antietam Maryland (Active)
313 Shenandoah Valley Virginia (Active)
314 Western North Carolina / Gen Frank Blazey North Carolina (Active)
315 Southern Oregon Oregon (Active)
316 Modesto California (Active-NA)
317 SGT Billy Freeman Georgia (Active-NA)
318 Indian River County Florida (Active)
319 Lawton Oklahoma (Active-NA)
320 New Hampshire New Hampshire (Active)
321 Richard L. Quatier Washington (Active)
322 CPL John U. Moore New Mexico (Active-NA)
323 PO2 Taylor Morris Iowa (Active)
324 Washington Missouri Missouri (Active)
325 Central Arkansas KWVA Arkansas (Inactive)
326 Western Wayne - Washtenaw County Michigan (Dissolved)
327 GEN John H Michaelis Pennsylvania (Active)
328 Los Angeles County California (Active)
329 Tibor Rubin MOH Nevada (Active)
330 American Veterans of Yuma Arizona (Dissolved)
331 Korean War Veterans of the Ozarks Missouri (Active)
332 Louisiana Chapter Louisiana (Active)
Department Count this page: 18    Chapter Count this page: 332

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