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Korean War Memorials

State of New York


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New York State Korean War Veterans Memorial - Albany, New York.

The memorial is located on Madison Ave. next to the New York State Museum.

(Photo courtesy Michael Joyce, NYS Office of General Services)

Additional Photos below courtesy Richard E. Lindmark REL1127@yahoo.com

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Front View

Back View
Dedicated Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photos submitted by John Barwinczok


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Korean War Memorial of Western New York, 1990.
The memorial is located in downtown Buffalo, in the Naval Park at the Waterfront. (Lake Erie)

Photos courtesy Paul R Garland, Hamburg NY - Co H 5th RCT Korea 1952

Glens Falls

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Photos Courtesy of Ray Waldron, Commander


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This Korean War Memorial is located in front of the Columbia County Courthouse, 401 Union Street, Hudson, NY.

The photos were taken on 6/5/2004 at the dedication ceremony by Richard E. Lindmark, Canaan, NY
(REL1127@yahoo.com) a proud son of a US Marine that served in Korea, and used with his permission.

New York City - Battery Park

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Photos Courtesy of Richard E. Lindmark, Canaan,NY

New York City's Battery Park, near West Street entrance.  Dedicated June 25, 1991, the New York Korean War Veterans Memorial is a 15-foot-tall black granite stele, carved from the center of which is the silhouette of an infantryman who represents the "universal soldier." Visitors can look through the cutout and see the Statue of Liberty.

The marker also serves as a sundial; at 10 a.m. every July 27 -- the time and date in 1953 New York when hostilities ended -- the sun lines up so as to shine through the memorial and illuminate a commemorative plaque on the ground. Ringing the base of the memorial are tile flags representing the 22 nations who lent troops to the effort, from Canada to South Africa to India.

The monument is notable as one of the first Korean War memorials in the United States.


KWVA Chapter 58 Monroe County (NY) Korean War Veterans Memorial, located in White Haven Memorial Park in Penfield, New York, just outside the city of Rochester.

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Memorial with Flags at Half-Staff for Remembrance period

Names of 165 Monroe County Vets killed in Korea

Memorial and Bench donated by Viet Nam Chapter 20 Vets

James Cannioto's grave near his Medic image on Memorial

Memorial with POW members Memorial bench in front

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As preliminary plans were being made for a Memorial by the Chapter, an Artist who lived in the area and who had adopted two little Korean girls, approached the committee and offered to try to find a 'theme' that would be satisfying to the members, and very respectful of the 165 Monroe County vets who had not made it home from Korea.

He visited the Quarry in California where the stone for the National Memorial originated, and chose two huge boulders, to represent, as he said, "the barren, rocky hills of Korea", he had seen when visiting Korea to pick up his two little adopted daughters.

The boulders finish is left rough, as the hills were, and there is no front or back, all sides are equal for viewing, with the Flag, flowing around one end and down the front on one corner; the famous Picture of the Medic and soldiers engraved on another corner. The irony is that scant feet from this engraving is the grave of the Medic pictured who, after returning to the Rochester area, became an officer in the Monroe County Chapter. On another large area is engraved the names of the 165 men who did not get to return home, and who are Honored at each service the Chapter holds at their Memorial.

On Saturday, July 27th, 1996, amidst a crowd of over 1,000 visitors, the Memorial was dedicated. The program called together many Veterans of the Korean War who had never met, and a large number of Veterans of other wars to share in the camaraderie of being a Veteran. The Colors of our Country were massed with those of 25 other Veterans groups and the Walk of Honor was resplendent in the Colors of the twenty-two Nations of the United Nations Command which served in Korea.

A service is held each June 25th and all Flags are lowered to half-staff as Remembrance until July 27th when they are returned to full staff at a closing ceremony.

Story furnished by Donald Cofsky (LR09038), Past Dept. President and Member at Large
Pictures furnished by Joe Vogel (LR06011), Chapter Secretary

Suffolk County

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Suffolk County Twin Monuments, honoring all Korea
Veterans in Suffolk County New York.

The left Monument, is an Infantryman charging up a hill.  The right Monument, is a replica of the map of Korea, the front showing the battles, battle lines and the various units of the U.S. that took part in these battles. On the back is inscribed the names of all the countries that took part in this war.


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The above 3 photos are of the Korean/Viet Nam War Memorial at Syracuse, New York.
Identified by Bill Burns who was a member of the Committee that built it.
It was dedicated on Veteran's Day over 20 years ago.
Bill Burns LC00251, KWVA Chapter 105 - Central New York


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The Rensselaer County Korean War Memorial is located in Riverfront Park, Troy, New York.

In 1988 members of the Northeast New York Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association decided that the county should have a memorial dedicated to the 22 casualties from the county. After years of effort and of fundraising, the groundbreaking took place in October 1995 and the official dedication occurred on May 30, 1996. The principal speaker at the dedication was Stephen G. Olmstead, LtGen USMC (Ret). The General entered the Army in 1950 as an enlisted man from Albany County, N.Y. and was sent to Korea.  On the Memorial is a bronze plaque (close-up view above) with the names of the casualties.

Westbury Long Island

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Nassau County Chapter #1’s Monument and black marble stones listing the County’s KIA’s in Korea is located in the Veteran Plaza in Eisenhower Park, Westbury Long Island.

The statue of an advancing infantryman was dedicated on Sunday, November 4th, 2001. It stands on a 3 foot black marble base, to an overall height of 11 1/2 feet. The two black marble Monuments listing 100 men, KIA’s who were Nassau County residents when they entered the service was dedicated on Sunday, July 13th 2003.

Photo courtesy Howard E. Plattner, President Nasau County Chapter #1 (CID #55)


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