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Korean War Memorials

State of California


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Bakersfield, California


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Photos courtesy of Gordon Betz

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Cathedral City, California

Desert Memorial Park, Palm Springs Cemetery District
69920 Ramon Road

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Close-up of memorial text
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Igo, California


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Photos courtesy of Bill McKinney, Commander

KWVA Nor Cal Chapter #1 - Igo, California - Dedicated their monument on November 21st of 2009 and is located in the Northern California Veterans Cemetery.

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Jack Tolbert in front of Wal-Mart

Pouring Cement for walkway

Monument arrives from Orville Monument Co.

Brad Cramer (designer, right) placing Monument

Bill McKinney, Commander speaking at the dedication

Bob Crews, Ken Green and Le Roy Neuenfeild

Sung Kim, Speaker/Rep. for Korean Community

Congressman Wally Herger

Santa Nella, California

Taken at Dedication, Aug 1, 1998
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Founded by Ron Jabaut and dedicated, August 1st, 1998, the KWVA California State Memorial is entitled:

The Remembrance Memorial for California Korean War Veterans.

The memorial has 2,600 names listed of those who left California for the Korean War and never returned.

Photos Courtesy Frank Broz
Co-Chair, Remembrance Memorial - Santa Nella


Taken Memorial Day, 2003 with
shade trees and roses in bloom.

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Taken at Dedication, Aug 1, 1998
Frank Broz' wife Barbara on left,
Gloria Jabaut on the right

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Sonora, California

KWVA Chapter #7 - Sonora Tuolumne County - Dedicated their Memorial in Sonora, California on Saturday July 27, 1996, honoring the 54,246 Americans who were killed in action, the MIAs and POWs of a war America forgot. As the sweet, sad notes of "Taps" filled the morning air, the veterans standing straight and tall held their salutes like statues honoring their fallen comrades.

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The members of this Chapter had but one goal since the formation of the chapter, to build and dedicate the Memorial. After three years of struggling their dream was realized when Bob Mildenberger and Jerry Ryder were given the honor of unveiling the Memorial.

The beautiful Memorial is located on the lawn in front of the Tuolumne County Veterans Memorial Hall. The Memorial is inscribed, " This Memorial is dedicated to all Korean War Veterans who served and died with courage and conviction during a conflict that produced 54,246 U.S. casualties and 8,177 MIAs." Also placed on the left front is a bronze medallion of the crest of each branch of our armed forces, placed on the right side are bronze plaques indicating the major battles of the war. The Memorial itself is black and gray marble. On the back of the Memorial are inscribed the names of Tuolumne County service men listed as, KIA, MIA and POWs. Also inscribed are the names of county veterans that served in the Korean War, the Tuolumne County Chapter is the only chapter in the United Sates with less than 50 members to have built and dedicated a Korean War Memorial.


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