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DRAFT Minutes Summary

KWVA Executive Council Meeting

October 4-5, 2005
Bossier City, Louisiana, at the Isle of Capri Resort
during the Annual Meeting and Convention of the KWVA

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NOTE: The Draft Summary Minutes follow. They were prepared and staffed by the National Secretary. I thank Bill Hutton for the quickest availability of Minutes of an Executive Council (now Board of Directors) meeting since I have been President. Good job, thank you.
     Lou Dechert, National President

This is a summary of the actions taken at a KWVA Executive Council Meeting. An official verbatim transcript is on file with The Secretary, KWVA, for all meetings on and since 07.27.2004.

Any corrections or changes should be sent, in writing, to the Corporate Secretary as they are noticed.  Minutes will be corrected and approved at the next meeting of the body to which they pertain.

The Corporate Secretary is:
Bill Hutton
4 Belleview Blvd #402
Belleair, FL 33756
Ph: 703.842.7429


President Dechert called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM on October 4th.

Assistant Sergeant at Arms Yanacos led the council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The newly appointed KWVA National Chaplain, Rev. Leonard Stegman, gave the invocation.


The agenda was adopted. Moved by Dauster, 2nd by Edwards.


Executive Council – All Present

  • President - Louis Dechert
  • First VP - Dick Adams
  • Second VP – Byron Dickerson
  • Secretary - Bill Hutton
  • Treasurer - Richard Hare
  • Directors –
    • Robert Banker
    • Jeff Brodeur
    • Lee Dauster
    • John Edwards
    • James Ferris
    • Stan Grogan
    • William Mac Swain
    • Dean McClain
    • Larry McKinniss
    • Bob Morga
    • Joseph Pirrello
    • Warren Wiedhahn

Guests and Staff

  • Medal of Honor Recipients:
    • Col James Stone, MH00028
    • SFC Ronald Rosser, MH00025
  • Staff:
    • Tom Clawson
    • Boyle Henderson, CPA
    • Frank Cohee
    • Tine Martin
    • Jimmy Faircloth, Esq
    • Charley Price
    • Jake Feaster
    • J. D. Randolph
    • Sim Goodall
    • Steve Szekely
    • Art Hills
    • Chris Yanacos

MINUTES OF MEETING, July 26, 2005: Approved unanimously as published in the July/August 2005 issue of the Graybeards.

CORRESPONDENCE: Secretary Hutton reviewed the types of correspondence received.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Presented by Treasurer Richard Hare (will be included in General Meeting summary in future Graybeards).


CONVENTION/REUNION COMMITTEE REPORT: Presented by Chairman Byron Dickerson. The Committee recommended that the 2006 Convention/Reunion be held in San Antonio, TX, from October 8-11, 2006. Approved.

Budget and Finance Committee Report: Presented by Chairman Jim Ferris. The following were suggested as methods to reduce expenses: (1) Cut one issue of Graybeards-Not Approved, (2) Schedule only two Executive Council meetings-Approved, pending review of new Bylaws, if approved, (3) limit the number of attendees to Executive Council meetings-Approved, leaving Presidential discretion; and, (4) Review per diem procedures-Approved.

Investments: Presented by Treasurer Hare. Mr. Hare recommended that the KWVA funds in the Smith Barney Account be moved to AG Edwards Accounts. Joseph Bruska of AG Edwards made a presentation. Approved unanimously by the Council.

2005-06 Appointments: President Dechert made the appointments for the year - Approved. (See KWVA Website)

E&G Committee Report: The report of a nearly year long investigation was presented by outgoing Chairman Goodall with the recommendation that civil action be considered and Harley Coon and Kenneth Cook be expelled from the KWVA. After much discussion and secret ballots, the Council voted to send Mr. Coon and Mr. Cook each a letter of reprimand and to ban them from holding any office in the KWVA.


Loan Request, Dept of Virginia: Referred to Budget & Finance Committee.

Public Affairs Officer: Referred to Budget and Finance Committee.

Request for Website Link and Donation: Link approved, but no donation.

Recruiting Task Force Committee: Approved.

Budget & Finance Committee-Disaster Relief Fund: Director Ferris reported. The Council approved the recommendation that the funds donated for disaster relief be distributed to the chapters located in the disaster areas for further distribution, as they deem appropriate.

Korean War Veterans Memorial: KWVA promotional support will continue; referred to Budget and Finance Committee for ways and means study.

KWVA Museums and Libraries Report: Museums and Libraries Liaison Bill Mac Swain and Larry Sassorossi, Executive Director, Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library, Rantoul, IL, gave excellent reports. A motion of support for the KWVNML, Rantoul, was passed by the Council.

Bylaws/Procedure Manual Responsibility: The President was requested to appoint a subcommittee to the Bylaws Committee for development and maintenance of the Policy and Procedures Manual, subsequent to any action by the Annual Meeting, October 5, 2005, on the new Bylaws.

Tell America Report: Marvin Dunn reported for Larry Kinard, Chmn. of Tell America Committee. James E Yaney, Sr., of the Central Indiana Chapter 30, gave an outstanding presentation of the Tell America Program in their area as a part of the report.

Resolutions: Four resolutions were approved for action at the annual meeting: (1) Resolution supporting posthumous MOH for Chaplain Emil Kapaun, USA; (2) Resolution Commending Mr. Eugene Chin Yu and awarding a Lifetime Honorary Membership to him; (3) Resolution supporting H.R. 2369, Award of the Purple Heart Medal to certain POW; and (4) Resolution restricting monetary donations for museums and libraries to KWVAML, Rantoul (see KWVA Museums and Libraries Report, elsewhere in summary).

Membership Records Management: Updated report of the member data project was presented. The problems in getting chapter and department responses were discussed.
It was noted that a number of elected chapter officers were not current members of KWVA, to include some presidents.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM, to be reconvened on October 5 for the purpose of reviewing the proposed budget revisions directed by the Council during the course of the October 4 meeting.

BENEDICTION: Given by Chaplain Stegman.

ADDED: The Executive Council reconvened at 9:00AM, October 5, to review the changes ordered in the proposed 2006 Budget. After discussion, the proposed 2006 Budget was approved for presentation to the Annual Meeting. A special order was requested. After discussion, the Council approved a Special Fund Raiser of three weapons of the Korean War—the M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, and Cal. 45 Pistol--donated by a US Army source, to be promoted through all available in-house media. A fund raising committee/ task force of Bill Mac Swain, Jim Ferris, and Charley Price was appointed to carry out the task and authorized to expend funds on a reimbursable basis to promote and conduct the fund raiser. The President later appointed the CPA, Mr. Boyle Henderson, to the Task Force. The Council adjourned to prepare for the Annual Meeting.

Bill Hutton., National Secretary


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