Help Us Get H.R.1475 and S.1982 Passed to Authorize the
"Wall of Remembrance" to be added to our Korean War Memorial...

Update: H.R.1475 passed! Now we need your support to help get S.1982 through the Senate. Click HERE for a form letter to send to your senator. Make sure to edit it!



We need your aggressive support NOW (!) while your Congressional Representative is home on leave; holding Town Hall meetings, and campaigning throughout the District in which you live. They’re looking for your support and vote when they run for re-election next year.

They ‘owe’ us if we vote for them and the ‘quid pro quo’ for your vote is their support for enactment of H.R.1475! We need you to put pressure on them to become co-sponsors of H.R.1475, the Bill which will authorize a ‘WALL OF REMEMBRANCE’ to be added to our Korean War Veterans Memorial. This Wall will enable us to list our fallen comrades by name and thus bring to the attention of visitors the true cost of ‘ Freedom Is Not Free’!

Our fallen comrades paid that price—they deserve to be honored by name in their and our Memorial! Only you can make this happen—--make your Congressional Representative become a co-sponsor of H.R.1475! It should be a no-brainer to support you in your cause to honor your fallen comrades. Especially, since no public funding to accomplish this wall will be required.

Those of you who were in Washington for the 60th anniversary of the Cease Fire in Korea saw the model of how our Memorial will look with the Wall of Remembrance added.

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Included in this message is an artistic rendering of the Memorial depicting such.

Go to our Website < > for a better ‘looksee’!

Click HERE to see a copy of the Bills and list of current co-sponsors

(Direct from the "Library of Congress Thomas Site")

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(Originally posted 4/23/12, Updated 5/12/16)