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The September/October, 2005 issue of
The Graybeards
was mailed on November 3rd

FROM THE EDITOR, Art Sharp: We have received several inquiries recently as to why the two most recent issues of The Graybeards have been later than usual. The answer is simple: we made an executive decision to delay them to make sure you received the latest news from the Arlington and Louisiana Executive Council meetings, rather than make you wait months for Minutes, revised by-laws, etc. We will be back to the regular schedule with the November-December 2005 issue.

The projected mailing date for the November-December 2005 issue is December 15, 2005. The deadline for material to get to the Editor for this issue is November 15.

Thanks for your patience. Art Sharp, Editor

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(Posted 10/21/05, updated 11/7/05)