2018 Fund Raiser - WINNERS ANNOUNCED...

The Winning tickets for the 2018 Fundraiser were drawn by National Director George Bruzgis after the 2018 Membership Meeting Banquet in Orlando, FL, on October 20.  Present at and witnessing the drawing were Director Thomas McHugh, Treasurer Joseph Harmon and Past National President Bill Mac Swain.


First prize is $1,500 in cash... Milton F. Murrel R042459, Morristown, TN

Second prize is $1,000 in cash... Bernard Simonar R048091, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Third prize is $1,000 in cash... Berger Rasmussen R038060, Kenosha, WI

Fourth prize is $1,000 in cash... John A Danner LR47597, Green Valley, AZ

Fifth prize is $1,000 in cash... George M Hampton R016515, Woodbridge, VA


As Fund Raiser Chairman I want to thank every member that has donated to the Fund Raiser. The funds are utilized to help cover the Graybeards costs. It helps to eliminate efforts to reduce the number of issues each year.

Please plan on supporting the 2019 Fund Raiser.

Thomas McHugh, Director
Fund Raiser Chairman

(Posted 11/8/18)