Call for Election


Subject: 2005 Call for election
To: Members of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.

Dear Members:

The By-Laws state that a call for nominees for election at the annual meeting shall be stated in the “Graybeards” each year. This call is for any qualified member who seeks one of the positions available in the 2005 elections to submit their request.

Four Director positions are open for the 2005-2008 three year term. Those desiring to apply will be required to meet the following requirements as stated in our By-Laws:

(Reference Paragraph C, Section 3, Article lll of the By-Laws amended July 27, 2000)

1. Requirements:

a. Must present proof of service by submitting a copy of a DD-214 or other document notarized as a true copy showing eligible service and a statement releasing such document for verification by the Nominating Committee.

b. Must present a current photograph suitable for publication in the Graybeards.

c. Must submit a letter with the following:

(1) Their intent to run for an office and the office sought.

(2) A resume of their qualifications for this office, stating any experience that will be of benefit to the association.

(3) Their current mailing address, home telephone number, or other contact information and KWVA membership number.

(4) This letter will be limited to approximately one typed page.

d. A statement that they will attend all called meetings of the Executive Council and that they understand that two (2) unexcused absences could be used for their removal from office.

e. They must sign a statement that their dues are current through the whole of the term of the office they are seeking. Payment of delinquent dues shall not be retroactive for the purpose of establishing eligibility to run for office within the association.

Send the above items by certified mail, return receipt requested , to the Nominating Committee Chair not later than February 15 of that year.”

Nominees are requested to contact the Nominating Committee for a checklist to assist them in completing their application.

Applications will be addressed to:

Nominating Committee
c/o Maurice R. “Dick” Wainwright
Wainwright’s , Inc.
2045 E. 15th St.
Tucson, AZ 85719-6315

It is the duty of the Nominating Committee to receive, review and certify the nominees. The approved certified declarations will be forwarded to the Editor of Graybeards for publication.

The March-April issue of the Graybeards will list each certified nominee and the official Ballot.

Ballot. Those members in “Good Standing,” those whose dues are current when the “Graybeards” is mailed, are eligible to cast their vote by mail. The instructions to cast your vote will be listed on your ballot. It is imperative that you follow the instructions, complete your ballot and mail the ballot to the selected CPA by July 10, 2005.

Nominating Committee Chairman
Dick Adams
PO Box 334
Caruthers, CA 93609

Submitted by: Don Duquette
Secretary, KWVA