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Officer & Director Election 2017 CANDIDATES ANNOUNCED...
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NOTE:  The Jan/Feb Graybeards will be the Election Issue this year...
It will be mailed on/about Feb 15, 2017

(Posted 1/17/17)

Convention 2017 - October 4-8...

Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel
777 Waterside Drive, Norfolk, VA 23510 - 1-800-325-3535


The cost of a room is $104.00 a night which includes tax.
Make reservations for rooms by calling 1-800-325-3535. When making reservations, tell them you will be under the block of rooms for the Korean War Veterans Association.


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Mail-in Registration deadline: Sept. 22, 2017. Any Registrations mailed after Sept. 18 might not be received in time… however, walk-in Registrations will be accepted at the convention.
NEW SCHOLARSHIPS INFORMATION... American Veterans Of Korea Foundation Offering Scholarships

The American Veterans of Korea Foundation (AVKF) is offering multiple scholarships to descendents of Regular Members of the KWVA and descendents of deceased Korean War Veterans. The scholarship applications must be received by June 10, 2017!

For more information and the application form, click HERE.

(Posted 3/23/17)

(or served outside of Korea June 25, 1950 to Jan. 31, 1955)
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Welcome to the official website of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. The site is DYNAMIC, ever-changing, to keep the membership and all Veterans of Korea, 1945 until now, informed of America’s oldest and largest association of Korea Veterans. You will find new material each time you visit the site: come often, browse widely, and come again soon! We encourage all users to check out the various links on our site to useful and helpful information for veterans, their families, educators, and the public.

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Archive of EARLIER Home Page Stories by Date and Subject...

Press Release: Wall of Remembrance (H.R.1475) Signed Into Law!

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law the Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance Act (H.R.1475) which recently passed Congress.

The legislation introduced last year by Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX), a Korean War veteran, calls for authorizing the establishment of the wall to list the names of some 50-thousand U.S. soldiers killed during the Korean War in the early 1950s.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial opened on July 27th 1995 to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Korean War armistice. The park houses 19 statues of soldiers. But until now, only the number of those who were killed, wounded, or missing in action were listed without their names.

(Posted 10/11/16)

Help Us Get H.CON.RES.50 Passed to Honor Korea Service Veterans...

Design for the Korean Defense Service Memorial
(Click picture for a larger view)

I am proud to announce a new Federal Bill # H.Con.Res.50 honoring all who made the ultimate sacrifice in Korea since July 28, 1954. That includes 1,243 Americans and 2,500 ROKs. The memorial will be erected at Arlington National Cemetery. The bill was introduced by Congressman William Keating, MA 9th District. No taxpayer funds will be used to construct the memorial. Please call your Congressman at 202-224-3121 ask them to Co-sponsor H.Con.Res.50.

The full title/description of the Resolution is: "Expressing the sense of Congress that an appropriate site in the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington National Cemetery should be provided for a memorial marker to honor the memory of those who have been awarded or are eligible for the Korean Defense Service Medal who are missing in action, are unaccounted for, or died in-theater."

Click HERE to see a copy of the Bill and list of current co-sponsors

(Direct from the "Library of Congress Thomas Site")

Jeffrey J. Brodeur
Member National Membership and Recruiting Committee
Member National Ceremonies Committee
Former KWVA National Director
Email: KVAMANE@aol.com

(Originally posted 5/26/15, Updated 8/10/15)

(Click to enlarge)

We Honor Veterans dinner in Concord NC on Sunday, July 30

The “We Honor Veterans” program at Hospice & Palliative Care Center and Rowan Hospice & Palliative Care is hosting a July 30th dinner to recognize and honor Veterans of the Korean War, similar to the two Spirit of ’45 Celebrations they facilitated for WWII Veterans on 10/15/15 and 8/28/16.

The Embassy Suites in Concord has agreed to participate again and is holding the afternoon of Sunday, July 30 open for this event. This special event will begin at 4:00 pm and continue to 7:00 pm.

This event is free for Korean War Veterans and one guest.

For more information, view the flier HERE.

If you would like to sponsor a table, click HERE

(Posted 2/22/17)

(Click to enlarge)

Charlestown Korea Defense Service Memorial Dedication

Click HERE to watch the dedication of the memorial in Charlestown, MA, to honor the millions of service men and women who served and continue to serve for the defense of the Republic of Korea.


(Posted 1/3/17)

(Click for larger view)

The January/February, 2017 ELECTION ISSUE of The Graybeards
was mailed Tuesday, Feb. 14... look for your copy soon!!

Click the following links for a preview... (PDF Files)

(Posted 3/01/17)


Korean War Documentaries by Jongwoo Han

Many of you know Dr. Jongwoo Han. He is a former Professor out of Syracuse University who is doing many good things for the KWVA, especially our Tell America Program. Just recently he traveled around the country with a Korean Broadcast System videographer, interviewing veterans and filming a documentary about Korean veterans that is now complete and located on his website. It is well worth your time to look at and see what he has done. It is currently being shown in Korea on the Korean Broadcast System.


To view the documentaries on his website, click HERE.

(Posted 8/12/15)

Give a deserving Korea Veteran a Gift Membership...

If you have a friend or family member that served in Korea and is eligible to be a KWVA member, you can easily give him/her a "Gift Membership"... simply fill out the Application with all the required information for them, then sign it yourself in the designated area as the "gift giver" and mail it to the Membership Office, along with the required payment shown on the application.

The new member will receive a membership card, a "Welcome Packet" from the Membership Office, and begin receiving the Graybeards magazine!


Read More>>

(Posted 10/27/12)

Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial

"The creation of the Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial (KWVDM) emerges as a first-of-its-kind project seeking to permanently preserve, unedited, the first-hand memories, experiences, and artifacts of our Korean War Veterans in an effort to pass them down to future generations."

Click HERE to visit the website

Click HERE for more information on how the Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial was created (PDF)

(Posted 1/12/12)

Contact the KWVA Membership Office for ALL Member Information Requests/Changes

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Phone: 217-345-4414 (Office Hours 9am-3:30pm Central Mon-Fri)
Email to:  membership@kwva.org
"Snail" Mail to: KWVA Membership Office
PO Box 407
Charleston, IL  61920-0407

Need extra copies of a past or current issues of The Graybeards?

Sheila at the KWVA Membership Office can help you.  We have lots of old copies of many issues going back to 2004.

Back copies are $2.00 each plus postage - First Class Postage for one copy is $2.45, total of $4.45.

Need more than one copy?  Generally USPS Priority Mail is the cheapest and Sheila can give you a quote.

Email or call Sheila for more information on what is available or to order:

Email: membership@kwva.org
Phone: 217-345-4414

(Don't forget, PDF copies of ALL back issues of The Graybeards are available on the KWVA Website... Click HERE!)

(Posted 1/26/11, Revised 7/3/14)

LIMITED EDITION Korean War Memorial 20th Anniversary Challenge Coins Now Available!



These coins, sold at the July, 2015 Convention, are now available for order from the Membership Office!

Only 400 were made, we still have a few left... Get yours while supplies last!

Click HERE for more details and ordering information.

(Posted 8/14/15)

KWVA Challenge Coins Now Available!



These coins, sold at the 60th Anniversary Convention, are now available for order!

Click HERE for more details and ordering information.

(Posted 1/13/14)

KWVA Hats Now Available from the Membership Office!

KWVA Black Hat
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KWVA White Hat
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The KWVA Hats sold at the 60th Anniversary Convention are now for available from the Membership Office!

Click HERE for more details and ordering information.

(Posted 11/15/13, Rev 4/23/14)

KWVA and Digital Memorial Foundation Commemorative Posters Now Available!

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

These are the beautiful posters sold at the 60th Anniversary Convention in Washington DC last July!

They are perfect for framing at 18" x 24"!

Click HERE for more details and ordering information.

(Posted 11/15/13)

KWVA Lapel Pins and Patches For Sale

Members desiring to purchase distinctive copyrighted items for Korea war and Korea service veterans may now purchase items from the National Membership Office.

Newly available items are lapel pins and the alternative sew-on patch (see below).

Click HERE for Ordering Information





(Posted 7/6/07, updated 11/25/07)

KWVA Window Decal Now Available For Purchase!

(Click to enlarge)

These window decals are now available for order from the Membership Office!

Click HERE for more details and ordering information.

(Posted 10/12/15)

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Founder William T. Norris, LC00001, June 20, 1997

Honorary President Raymond G. Davis MOH, MH00008, September 3, 2003

In January 2005, the President of the KWVA established that death notices of present or former directors, national officers, and department presidents would be placed on the website for thirty days. All reports of deaths of members are published in The Graybeards, when reported, and the Memorial List of those who have departed since the last National Convention are placed on a Memorial List awaiting the next Convention. Well done, honored comrades.

Click HERE to view our "In Memoriam" page of ALL Members that have passed away.

Join Us...

The members of the Board of Directors and I cordially invite Korea veterans of all eras to join the KWVA so that you can receive the membership benefit of issues of the organization's official magazine, The Graybeards, published six times a year and is occasionally supplemented with newsletters between issues. (Non-Korea veterans are also welcome to join the KWVA as associate members.)

In our newsletters, and on THIS Website, you will find the most current KWVA news, updates on issues of importance to Korean War veterans, reunion notices, POW/MIA updates, book reviews, veterans' memoirs, and much more.

Tom Stevens, President, KWVA

Click HERE for information on how to join us.

The official contact person for the national KWVA is: Lewis "Lew" Ewing, Secretary, LewEwing@gmail.com. Phone 540-678-1787. Mr. Ewing is a resident of Virginia, and thus is on Eastern Time.

Archive of EARLIER Home Page Stories...

Stories and news releases of interest to Korea veterans are published regularly on the KWVA website Home Page.
CLICK THIS LINK to go to the list of Previous Stories by Date and Subject.

DEFEND our Nation
CARE for our Veterans
REMEMBER our Missing and Fallen
MAINTAIN our Memorial
SUPPORT a free Korea

Appearance from time-to-time of non-KWVA notices, opinions, products, and services hereon are offered as a service to our members and friends, and does not constitute agreement with or an endorsement by the KWVA or any of its officers, officials or employees. News items are selected as pertaining to the Mission of the Association.

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